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We love success stories!

Chiropractic makes a difference in millions of lives every day - from active children and adults to patients experiencing the effects of chronic spinal problems and repetitive strain on their bodies.  We'd like to take this opportunity to share with you how chiropractic care has made a difference for others!  Often a patient will comment "I only wish I had come here sooner."  Use the "send to friend" link below to share this with your friends and help them get started on the path to good health!

Severe Back Pain Relief

"I feel 100% improved after my series of treatments and continuing adjustments by Dr. Perkins.  I thoroughly enjoy the professionalism, attitude, and atmosphere of Dr. Perkins and his staff."  Thad - Hereford

Pain Relieved After 10 Years As A Dental Hygienist

I tolerated stiffness and uncomfortable soreness for years before I made the decision to see Dr. Perkins.  10 years as a dental hygienist can be tough on your neck, shoulders, and hips.  After just one adjustment I could feel improvement and within a few months of treatment, my symptoms have decreased substantially.  I feel better than I have in years!  I could not be happier with my progress.  I am grateful for Dr. Perkins and will continue to manage my chiropractic needs throughout the rest of my career.  Chrissy - Amarillo

From Trouble Sleeping, Low Energy, and Constant Pain to Pain Free!

Being under Dr. Perkins care for the last few months has been a blessing.  Before treatment I had trouble sleeping, had low energy, and had constant neck and shoulder pain.  My job is very physical and for the last year just doing my job has been a challenge and painful.  Since coming to Dr. Perkins I have felt 100 percent better physically and mentally.  I am now able to perform much better at work with little pain.  And now I can enjoy regular weekly workouts at the gym pain free!  Carrie - Amarillo

A Runner's Success Story

"When I came to see Dr. Perkins it was for my leg pain. I am a runner and I was not able to run 2 miles. Within about 3 weeks I am back on track doing my normal running." Ema - Amarillo

Cold Laser Speeds Ankle Sprain Recovery

I recently contacted Dr. Perkins after spraining my ankle.  At my first visit, I was wearing a protective boot and using a knee walker to get around.  Not only did my ankle hurt from the sprain, but my hips and back hurt from not walking correctly. Dr. Perkins treated my ankle with Cold Laser Therapy and adjusted my spine.  But he went above and beyond the simple 'treatment' to educate me as to the best way to get my ankle back to normal.  We discussed supplements, exercise and braces.  He also explained the full extent of damage to my ankle, something that was not done when I had x-rays at an urgent care clinic.  

After just a couple of treatments, I could see real improvement.  I've had five or six Cold Laser Therapy treatments, taken the supplements Dr. Perkins recommended and I am amazed at how well my ankle feels and functions.  I highly recommend Dr.  Perkins!!!  Donna - Amarillo

Renewed Energy & Strength 

"Being under chiropractic care has renewed my energy and made my body stronger. Now I have more liveliness to take on my daily tasks without aches and pains. At first, I was not familiar with chiropractic care and I was afraid of adjustments. This fear kept me from feeling better, but now I feel like I can be a better mom and wife for my family. Thank you, Dr. Perkins and staff, for helping me to attain a wellness level I haven't had in quite a long time." Jennifer - Amarillo

More Active Lifestyle, Without Pain Medicine

"When I first came to Dr. Perkins, I was having severe lower back pain and could not do anything unless I took Aspirin and put a patch on my back. I now am able to do what I love to do, bowl, without all the pain and pills." Mildred  - Amarillo

No More Migraines

"I use to wake up every morning with headaches that sometimes would turn into migraines. I haven't had or woke up with one for a month or more. My left foot has improved a great deal as well, with having cold laser therapy done and inserts in my shoes. It's GREAT!" Shelley  - Amarillo

Extreme Pain Helped by Cold Laser Therapy

"For the last two months, I have been receiving cold laser therapy for my pain. On a pain scale from 1 to 10, I went from a 10 to a 3. I have scoliosis and damaged nerve pain in my left hip. I have been so pleased with this treatment. Thanks to Dr. Perkins and his staff." Annette - Amarillo

Never Been to a Chiropractor Before

"I never knew how chiropractic care worked or if it was going to be effective for my injury due to a car accident. Since seeing Dr. Perkins I have had 100% improvement. I was nervous and skeptical from the beginning, but Dr. Perkins made me feel very comfortable. Chiropractic care should be part of a regular check up just like regular dental appointments are." Melissa - Amarillo

I Feel So Much Better Now

"I have been coming to Dr. Perkins for a year and a half now.  He has helped me originally with a neck injury, and now with my chronic hip and back pain.  I could hardly walk and was always in pain.  He has used cold laser therapy and adjusting and now I feel so much better!  Dr. Perkins and his staff make you feel welcome and like you're part of the family.  I really appreciate that Dr. Perkins will help you - and if he can't he will recommend someone who will.  Thank You!"  Anita J. - Amarillo

Better Overall Health

"Dr. Perkins has helped me not just with back pain, but also with my overall health.  I will continue to come to him for care and would recommend him to friends!"  Lisa G. - Amarillo

Individualized Treatment

"Dr. Perkins customizes my treatments to meet both my needs and personal comfort.  I really feel that I get individualized treatment and I'm not just another number.  He can almost always make room in his schedule when I just happen to be in town and need an office visit."  Gary W. - Pampa

Gentle Adjustments

"I refer to Dr. Perkins as the 'gentle chiropractor'!" DJ - Amarillo

Patients Come First!

"Dr. Perkins has a true 'patient comes first' attitude.  He spends the time needed to make sure ALL my chiropractic health needs are completely met before I leave his office.  He also keeps up with all the new state of the art treatments."  Sheila W. - Pampa

Sports Injury Recovery

"It has helped my daughter so much.  She does many sports and it has helped her recovery!"  Lisa T. - Amarillo

Sciatica Relief

"The extent of my injury was so severe that I couldn't hardly walk.After less than a week, I'm able to go back to work."  Gwen W. - Amarillo

No More Pills for a Headache!

"I really feel awesome compared to what I felt like before coming here.  No more pills for a headache - I have not had a headache since the first time I was here!"  Rose R. - Amarillo

Cold Laser Helps With Knee Replacement

"It has been incredible how my mobility has improved in just 2 visits.  My knee was really stiff from a knee replacement and built-up scar tissue.  The laser treatment has helped me tremendously and I feel like I can get around without limping."  Rhonne G. - Amarillo

Muscle & Joint Pain Relief

"When I started my treatments, I had limited flexibility and a lot of muscle and joint pain.At this time, I have a lot more flexibility and less pain.Coming here and receiving Dr. Perkins treatments has been well worth the time spent."  Larry B. - Amarillo

More Energy

"I feel better and have more energy.Just an overall refreshed feeling.I even feel healthier which is helping me lose some weight.Thanks so much.I am grateful for the care I have received."  Amy R. - Amarillo

Cold Laser Helps With Chronic Hip Problem

"I am able to move much easier than before I started seeing Dr. Perkins.  Before, people would ask me why I was limping but since I've had cold laser treatments, no once has asked me that.  My posture has improved some too."  Beth T. - Amarillo

I Feel Tons Better!

"After only 5 adjustments I feel tons better!I really didn't realize how tight and uncomfortable I was!Thank you!"  Jennifer S. - Amarillo

Relief From Extreme Pain

"I came in with extreme back pain and with Dr. Perkins' treatment I have felt immediate and continuous relief of pain.  I plan on regular treatments here."  Randy B. - Amarillo

Pain Relief... And Better Sleep

"My neck and lower back pain has greatly improved.Better posture, better sleep."  Karen T. - Amarillo

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